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Significant Milestone

Got Taiwan patent of high-temperature Static Box Furnace
Got China patent of high-temperature Static Box Furnace
Got Taiwan invention patent of semi-conducing ceramic passive device manufacturing technology
ISO-9000 certified, Certificate No.: 01 100 033546
Successfully electro-plating end terminations with Ni/Tin from EIA sizes 0402 to 2220, mass producing and supplying to customers.
Monolayer chip varistors offered


The Surge Protection is Not An Option. It's A Necessity!

We at JumboTek Technologies, Inc. pride ourselves on being one of the few companies whose products offering are exclusive to varistors and thermistors. Since 1980, Mr. C. B. Chiang, the founder of JumboTek, has developed and specialized in solving the most difficult electrical transient problems for business, industry, and government sectors. The increased complexity, miniaturization of products spurs the need for a greater number of passive components and protective devices that are simultaneously smaller, yet more complex. The JumboTek rises to the challenges.

The JumboTek products are well-designed, robust TVSS and thermistors units that fit a variety of applications. Our goal is to provide protection for all electrical and electronic equipments to prevent disruption, damage and destruction.

Why choose JumboTek's Varistors and PolyDiode?

*Superior quality Varistors and PolyDiode
*Quality assurance program applied
*Full staff of engineers
*Wide range products-largest selection from disc type to chip type
*Patented Varistors and Thermistors manufacturing technologies
*Patented Static Box Furnace
*Strong background in technical and mechanical
*In-house test lab.
*Short-run production
*Red-hot manufacturing location
*Quick prototype samples
*Chip products with Ag/Sn/Ni plating
*Custom thermistor probe design
*Worldwide distribution-Wickmann


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